rabbit fed by a child

Dass man zu den Tieren kann ist super. (Claudia, 38)
Am besten war das Reiten auf den großen Pferden. (Katharina, 2)


hunde Children love animals and in the country it is easy to make contact. In the summer we have an Angus herd on the meadow, there is much to watch. Sometimes you have luck and can watch as a baby is born. damwild
huhne Likewise, the little ones reluctantly pat the horses and are happily led around the farm on horseback. Bigger kids want to get more involved, for example during our workshop ‘Child and Horse‘ where they can learn in a playful atmosphere how to care for a horse. katze
meerschweinchen  Our rabbit enclosure is particularly popular with the children. They can hold the animals and cuddle them - and while your kids help with the morning animal feeding at 9am, you can enjoy a leisurely breakfast on your own. pferde
It isn’t easy observing birds‘ nests in the wild – yet we have many swallows´ nests in our stable where you can do just that. You can observe some wild animals from the farm as they inhabit the nearby cliffs. The cliffs host peregrine falcons and eagle owls, but also chamoises which have been repatriated here a few years ago. In the Danube river you can find trout, beavers and ring snakes - in the forest you might find foxes or deer.