Danube panorama view
Wir waren voll zufrieden und kommen gerne wieder.
Es war eine wunderbare und abwechslungsreiche Woche
mitten in der Natur in einer herrlichen Landschaft ...


The Käppeler Farm lies amidst the ‘Upper Danube Nature Reserve‘, one of Southern Germany’s most beautiful landscapes - situated between the Black Forest, the Schwabian Alb and Lake Constance. Limestone cliffs are reflected in the Danube along with forested slopes which are light green in spring and colourful in autumn.

The Upper Danube Nature Reserve is home to a varied and unique fauna and flora. You can find regions of steppe heath and alpine flora, gully vegetation and wooded meadows.

You can obtain more information on this topic from the ‚House of Nature‘: iterature, exhibitions, guided walks, horse tours and much more. Well informed and with an open mind you can discover both rare animals (such as the kingfisher, peregrine falcon, eagle owl and chamoix) and plants which are endangered because only this area still offers them an appropriate habitat.