Childs at Danube
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Tiere und Flussbad (Norah, 10)

A Nature Holiday by the Danube River

The rivers ´Brigach´ and ´Breg´ combine to form the Danube River. Did you know that the Danube River is 2.857 km long, flows through 10 countries and is Europe´s second longest river? Our farm is only a few kilometres from the Danube River spring. Over the millenia the river has carved its bed through the limestone of the Schwabian Alb and today we enjoy the ruggedly picturesque landscape it has created in the process. Let´s enjoy it together!

You can relax and watch the world go by in one of our sun lounges on our lawn, while your children splash in the shallow banks of the Danube River. You can watch a peregrine falcon circling above or a chamoix climbing up a cliff. You can get a gentle workout by playing badminton or kicking a soccer ball around.

We offer BBQ evenings by the Danube River or bake ‘Dennetle‘ (small onion and sour cream pizzas) for you in our clay oven. In addition to exploring the playground equipment, your children can enjoy our afternoon kids programs.

Fishermen and flyfishermen find us via word of mouth, as the beauty of our private river frontage measuring 1.8kms is second to none. Both types of fishing have their own designated areas. River trout, graylings, eel and pike all call the Danube River their home. If you are looking for more variety, nearby fishing grounds are within easy reach.