castle wall
Angebote gibt es viele, auch von anderen Möglichkeiten
in der Umgebung wie Kanufahren oder Burgen-Sightseeing.
Das Angebot ist groß und auch ohne Kinder einen Urlaub wert. (Reinhard, 36)


There are many castles, churches, ruins, excavation sites and museums in this area. In addition, a medieval monastry town is being built nearby.

This includes the Sigmaringen and Wildenstein castles, the ruined castle of Falkenstein right here in Thiergarten and the Beuron Abbey, incorporating the St. Maurus Chapel where concerts are hosted regularly.

The Schwabian Alb beckons for a visit to its famous limestone caves. You can reach Lake Constance in just under an hour by car. It tempts you with cultural delights like the towns of Meersburg and Constance, as well as the islands of Reichenau and Mainau.

Following in our ancestors‘ footsteps you can explore caves dating back to the stone age, or visit the celtic, Heuneburg or the, Roman Museum in Mengen, where you can try on a legionnaire’s uniform. The provides information about our more recent history. open air museum in Neuhausen ob Eck provides information about our more recent history.

In 2014 work has begun on the medieval monastry town of Campus Galli. It is based on original plans from the 9th century found in the monasterial library of St. Gallen. Only tools and materials available at that time are being used. The construction site is only 7km from Käppeler Farm Stay.